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THE Challenge

Our client, one of the top 3 Cloud Vendors worldwide, wished to explore the feasibility to launch a product and service tailored for enterprise customers. Specifically, they asked STRATYGIKA to analyze if:

1) Pricing was main driver for enterprise customers to switch cloud vendors.

2) Define the key attributes required to capture enterprise customers.
3) Validate if the pricing and licensing model was adequately positioned to win enterprise customers.


STRATYGIKA worked closely with our customer team to develop and validate and interview guide to conduct a series of senior level interviews to key customers with specific valuable attributes. The list 100-person target list of ideal candidates prioritized North American based enterprise users with +$10 million annual cloud, IT Experts and Purchase decision makers. Each interviewee candidate credentials and backgrounds were summarized.
Key findings were complemented with a deep industry research to validate specific value-added attributes. A clear market readiness framework emerged that led to detailed improvements for the proposed cloud computing offering.


Through STRATYGIKA’s expertise network, 24 interviews were arranged, validated, and conducted with F100 CIOs and CTOs: including experts and decision makers of companies the likes of Uber, Macy’s, Citi, and Johnson & Johnson.

Our analysis identified additional licensing requirements that enabled our client to gain market share from competitors; including overage protection plans and rollover options. Client launched an enterprise product that is gaining significant traction across enterprise clients.

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