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THE Challenge

Our client, one of the world’s leading Neurotech developers was seeking an additional round of investment to continue the development of its technology and SaaS offering. To achieve this, they asked STRATYGIKA to identify strategic investors in the targeted space, to conduct a defensible valuation that could minimize dilution, and guide the capital raising process. Our task was to:
1) Evaluate what valuations other players in the space have achieved.
2) Validate the highest defensible valuation the company can achieve.
3) Identify who were the key investors that could understand the space and provide “smart money”.


STRATYGIKA conducted a valuation of the company by analyzing the valuation performance of different players in the MedTech Space. Relevant comparable companies were identified using geography, revenues, target customers, broader industry segment, business models, geographic focus, and growth strategies.
Furthermore, we identified the most active investors in the MedTech with “dry powder” (committed yet uninvested capital) and the executives leading those investments to establish warm leads. All collected data from industry reports and other trustworthy sources were analyzed to assess the Total Addressable Market (TAM) & Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM). Lastly, we identified and ranked relevant strategic investors based on relevance of preferred sectors, geography, available cash, and average ticket size. Stratygika later worked in close collaboration with the client to guide it throughout roadshow and capital raising process.


Our project demonstrated that relevant institutional investors validated the $40 Million pre-money valuation for our customer.

A successful Series-A capital raise of 10 million was conducted at a $50 million post-money valuation minimize founders’ dilution while securing the company with necessary resources to establish itself as one of the leading Neurotech player in North America.

A Total Addressable Market value of $114 Billion (TAM) identified in this opportunity.

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