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Post Merger

More often than not, integration destroys value. Yet most organizations remain reactive to tackling risks.
We believe integration begins before deal closure and we help clients proactively overcome their integration risks to realize the value potential of their deals. We support clients to establish trustful deal relationships and develop an enabling organization with the right skills, incentives, and culture to drive aligned and prioritized activities that build sustainable competitive advantage.

Our post merger integration practice areas

Deal Making


Trust is the most important element in pre and post deal integration. We help clients nurture trusting relationships with targets. Our approach centers on three areas: 

1) Developing a transparent strategy and governance structure that drive superior value for the integrated firms 

2) Supporting clients to communicate vision and action plans to senior executives and operational day-to-day leaders for buy-in

3) Providing insightful research to make the right deal offer. Our approach significantly increases our clients’ odds of successful integration


Companies need an executable blueprint to fully maximize their integration potential. We support clients to develop, communicate and execute clear, actionable, and dynamic strategies that acknowledge the unique and combined strengths of the integrated organization and its parts.

We assist clients to develop an enabling organizational structure with aligned governance and incentives to promote transparency, accountability, and collaboration for sustained execution.

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