Monetization Strategies

We assist clients in building insightful quantitative and qualitative marketing research to determine optimal monetization models and pricing levels across market segments. We then employ the same rigorous approach to build a full understanding of customer-level costs and revenues, so that our clients can optimize profitability across their operations and drive sustainable market-beating results.

Our Monetization Strategies practice areas


Pricing is a key tool to drive sustainable profitability. Yet it is underutilized by most organizations. Selecting the right monetization models is just as critical as setting the right price levels.

We help clients capitalize on the strategic power of pricing to connect it to their business goals and the market’s competitive dynamics for optimized margin management.

Frontline Empowerment


Understanding the financial value of each customer segment is essential to any business.

By clearly identifying the total amount of revenue a potential client will generate, companies are better suited to optimize decisions on how to acquire and retain those customers.

We help our clients analyze their sales and customer data to understand current customer lifetime value (LTV) and find actionable insights to increase customer loyalty and maximize the value of each customer segment.

Market Strategy


 Many companies can attract revenue-generating customers, but only few clearly understand how profitable each of those customers is.

At STRATYGIKA we are experts at identifying all costs, the obvious and the hidden, involved in attracting customers. By empowering your company with such knowledge, we can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your business is growing profitably.

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