Marketing &
Sales Strategy

STRATYGIKA can help you achieve organic and consistent growth by ensuring that your customers are the cornerstone of your company’s strategy. 

We help you craft every element of your customer experience to generate optimal interactions at every touchpoint of your customer acquisition funnel and to ensure your company earns the trust of your customers from the very first interaction.

Our Marketing & SAles Strategy practice areas

Market Intelligence


Successful demand generation in the digital era is a combination of analytics, deep customer insights, and a trial-and-error approach.

At STRATYGIKA, we’ll work together with your team to help you constantly deliver the right message to your customers. We will help you establish agile processes so you can continuously test and adapt, to guarantee a successful and continuous demand generation strategy.

Digital Strategy


The best products do not win on their own. They must be supported by sales excellence. We help clients optimize their sales force, equipping them with the people, digital skills, technologies, and systems required to succeed. 

These tools will enable your team to dynamically identify and prioritize the most valuable accounts, territories, and channel segments, and to drive sustainable sales growth across traditional and digital marketplaces.

Digital Sales


Customer experience during onboarding will determine first impressions and is an important lever to drive customer loyalty and retention. 

Developing thorough and flexible processes for welcoming customers requires a deep understanding of their needs and thorough evaluation of internal capabilities that STRATYGIKA can help you tailor to optimize your customer onboarding journey.

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