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THE Challenge

Our client, a Public Transportation operator with global presence was seeking to identify further expansion opportunities in North America. Specifically, they asked STRATYGIKA to identify M&A opportunities in Canada to facilitate an accelerated entrance with particular interest in the province of Québec.

1) Our task was to define the size to the Canadian fixed route market.

3) Identify the market dynamics in terms for regulatory barrier to outsource the fixed route market. 

2) Define the key players in the market by province. 

4) Define potential M&A targets across Canada and prioritize key success factors for market entry. 


STRATYGIKA conducted 13 interviews with high level industry experts, provincial associations, and leading agencies to determine size of the TAM and identify the most profitable regions.
We also conducted several Interviews with directors or general managers to map the national market and the different provincial regulations. That information led to a rigorous analysis of the market structures for the Québec province and the rest of Canada. Based on those results, we determined the best geographical location for the client to establish a beach head from which it could acquire a significant share of the market. A prioritized short list of M&A targets of relevant size was produced to effectively acquire a foothold in the Canadian market to compete established players.


The total outsourced Canadian fixed route market value stands at $500 Million. A customer-centric framework “to win” in Canada was developed from the intelligence gather by interviewing 13 High-Profile SMEs. These interviews included, the former heads of Veolia, Presidents of Transport Associations, and several top-ranking Government Officials.

Valuable market knowledge acquired in the process, led to the prioritization of 10 different contracts, worth over $150 million in annual revenue in the Québec province. The project also discovered and new pattern in the market change across Québec, that could generate up to $250 million in ancillary value within the outsourced fixed rout market, an opportunity ripe for our client.

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