We help clients to articulate a vision of a great company and define specific moves that will realize that vision. Rooted in a clear understanding of today’s business world, we identify the right opportunities and define the optimal business model for our client’s products and services.

We are experts at validating the potential of industries and market segments. Our support is grounded in fine-tuned, data-driven insights from our decades working with leading firms and Fortune 500 clients to size market opportunities, evaluate the competitive environment, and plan through regulatory considerations.

Business Strategy

Our IDEATION & VALIDATION practice areas


We support clients in a process-driven approach to ideation to solidify client’s offerings and business models. Empowered, we help our clients pinpoint optimal granular markets, as well as services and products that can deliver ever growing and sustainable profitability.


We conduct rigorous analytical research to objectively quantify market opportunities across industries and geographies.

While understanding a market and its players is important, this is not sufficient. An ability to clearly identify which parts of the market can be serviced and which subsegments can be realistically obtained, is critical in accurately assessing an opportunity.

Strategy Execution


We help our clients deeply understand the strategic environment, which is essential to generating strong, realistic ideas. We overcome biases to generate real debate around customers, competitors, and the strategic environment.

We then rigorously and earnestly help clients to test any claimed competitive advantage to promote the health of the organization.

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