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Go to Market strategy




THE Challenge

Our client wanted to draw a path to build a $100 million top line company; specifically, they asked STRATYGIKA to solve 3 key questions:

1) Is there a viable path to reach a $100 million topline within 5 years?

2) What are the market dynamics across the regions of interest?

3) What other revenue streams can be identified to substantiate a path to $100 million?


In order to define the Go To Market strategy, a Total Addressable Market by country was defined. Aside from ranking countries by size, qualitative factors such as ease of doing business, regulatory friendliness, language and other cultural attributes were incorporated to prioritize market entry.
EdTech SaaS Co business model was solely focused on subscriptions paid by Early Childhood Education Centers. By conducting qualitative interviews with parents, additional sources of revenue were identified, chiefly the payment of tuition from parents to the Early Childhood Education centers.
To enable in-app tuition payments, STRATYGIKA further validated that the original TAM identified would more than double and hence an investment in a payment module was justified.


Based on our suggested strategy, our client identified a viable path to achieve its revenue goals and reach a $100 Million Top Line within the desired 5-year timeframe.

The original business model only considered subscriptions. STRATYGIKA identified and validated that incremental revenue from tuition payments fees would almost enable a 2x Revenue Increase, confirming the viability to reach the $100 million mark.

The success of this engagement has propelled STRATYGIKA to become a trusted advisor for EdTech Co in this, and several other key initiatives.

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