Customer Lifecycle

At STRATYGIKA, we help our clients optimize revenue and margin at every step of the customer lifecycle. From an effective customer acquisition process to up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, to increasing loyalty and retention, we can help you implement the right metrics, analytics, and tools to foster more valuable interactions and experiences for your customers.

Customer Lifecycle

Our customer Lifecycle Optimization practice areas

Customer Intelligence


Leading organizations know that rich customer insights foster profitable growth. We assist our clients in building in-house data and analytics capabilities that discover the unmet, unarticulated wants of valuable customers and how best to interact with them. 

We help clients discover valuable customer behavioral insights from disparate data sources and qualitative marketing research to drive more loyalty.

Engagement Growth


Cross- and Up-selling are the most effective ways of driving the profitability of each customer.

By deeply understanding customer needs, we help clients identify opportunities to launch new products and services to increase the share of wallet from their existing customer base. 

Customer Solutions


The Net Promoter Score tool is a simple metric to forecast the success of a company and customer lifetime value.

Implemented correctly, the NPS will help you convert customers into passionate advocates that will inspire new clients and the enthusiasm and creativity of your team. 

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