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Strategy & Corporate Finance


We help clients to articulate a vision of a great company and define specific moves that will realize that vision.
Rooted in a clear understanding of competitive advantage, we identify the right business portfolio, prioritize the right growth engines, and combine smart financial choices to drive profitable, sustainable growth.

Our corporate strategy practice areas


Playing in the right market and business segments matters. It drives a substantial amount of growth for companies that get it right. Yet many companies fail to allocate resources consistently and dynamically. Most stop at financial and forecast based planning and call it strategic management.

We support and strengthen the ability of our clients to employ an active, market-oriented approach that is dynamic, creative, and entrepreneurial.

We help clients identify the right trends in their current and neighbouring environments to make bold and timely moves that drive sustainable, above-average profitability.

Growth Strategy


Companies often struggle to balance the pressure for short-term returns with long-term goals. The result is that most fail to generate an overall return superior to their cost of capital over the long term. We believe in long-term capitalism and help clients epitomize it.
Financial Strategy


To realize the value potential of corporate strategy, we pay close attention to finance as an enabler. We develop and integrate expertise from capital markets, risk management and M&A capabilities present in our client organizations to maximize value.

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