While product and service launches are often driven by internal initiatives, companies can lever partnerships, acquisitions or divestitures to accelerate growth. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Carve-Outs, & Fundraising, when conducted methodically, are efficient tools to go to market in new sectors or geographies, eliminate potential competitive threats, or to divest from non-core business segments.

We help clients develop capabilities and provide clients with a systematic M&A program that logically extends from their corporate strategy with advisory services ranging from pre-screening target listing to post-merger integration (PMI) and carve-outs.

Our ACCELERATED GROWTH practice areas


Objective value assessment is a challenge for most organizations. We support clients to develop their investment theses, proactively tackle their biases and test ultimate levers of value to assess potential.

Our approach is rooted in the big strategic picture and employs rigorous analytical work across key external and internal topics using trusted direct and indirect sources from customers, industry players and leading experts.

Strategy Alignment


We help clients close information gaps by providing the analytical and synthesis rigor that creates timely, actionable intelligence.

Our approach is tailored, deep, and objective, across internal and external topics such as target leadership evaluation, strategic environment analysis, and validation of profit potential and realization. Our independent, objective, and value creating focus enables clients to make considered, fact-based decisions about whether to continue the M&A journey.

Business Model Transition


Raising capital is about more than simple financing, it’s about finding a partner that believes in your business’ value and is able to provide financial, strategic, and networking support.

STRATYGIKA understands the importance of finding smart money and we are experts of supporting our clients in building the business case needed to attract the world’s top investors.

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